Obesity has already overtaken smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in Australia. A study conducted in year 2005 in the western part of the country exposed that over 60 percent of adults are obese. This shocking reality calls for a serious campaign against obesity among Australians. Thus, several dietary supplements and weight loss programs have also surfaced, including a program for hcg diet in Australia. If you want to know more, go to Fitness and diet.

 HCG Diet Explained 


 HCG, which means human chorionic gonadotropin, is where the varied HCG diet plans are named after. This globally known diet program is a combination of two elements - a 500-calorie diet and the HCG hormone. It has already gained popularity around the world for being an effective cure for obesity. The benefits of these two powerful elements are usually enough to help obese people reduce unwanted body fats gradually. This helps them achieve not just a lighter weight, but more importantly, a healthier body. 

 Where to Find HCG Diet Plans in Australia 

  Hcg diet plans are based on a book entitled Pounds and Inches written by Dr. Simeons. The successful stories of people who are practicing the said diet program have established its presence all over the country, making it readily available in all major Australian cities. One can find it almost everywhere - in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Central Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Victoria and many more. The Internet is a perfect place to start looking for that HCG diet plan, Aussie style. 

 Does the HCG Diet Really Help You Lose Weight? 

 There are many positive testimonials on the Internet regarding the effectiveness of the hcg weight loss diet . The mere fact that the diet does not just work to remove abnormal body fats, but also resets a person's hypothalamus, the brain's center for hunger and appetite control, helps any person achieve their weight goals like they have never done before. All of these are made possible with the powerful mixture of a strict 500-calorie diet and the wonders of HCG hormones. If a person is determined and passionate enough to reach his or her weight loss goals, anything and everything is possible. The increasing number of Aussies embracing the idea of maintaining healthy weight is truly good news. This is expected to lessen the rate of deaths caused by obesity, as well as promote an overall healthy lifestyle. If this trend continues, the number of people dying from obesity-related conditions such as hypertension and heart disease will also decrease. All of these would simply mean that Australia has matured into a healthier national community. For more info, visit this link.  

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