Every hunter should know that choosing the right hunting knife for the game they are hunting is and can be a tricky decision. There are several different styles regarding the blade that are to be considered when selecting that -œPerfect Knife-. The specific use or multiple uses all are factors when choosing a knife. Some of the choices you will have to make are your personal preference and making sure the knife will perform well for your recreational activities. Type of Knife There are two main types of hunting knives to choose from, they are the fixed blade knife and folding or lock blade knife. Both styles have their own unique benefits. When choosing between the two you will have to decide which type will fit your specific hunting style. This decision will be based on your personal preference and how you prefer to carry your knife, on your belt or in a pack. Lock blade and folding blade knives are available with one handed opening feature that utilizes a small thumb lever, or a hole in the blade to place your thumb in to assist in the opening of the blade. Most quality folding knives have another feature that makes them safer to use, it is a locking feature that, after opening the blade stays locked to prevent accidental closing that could cause injury to you. When closing the knife you must depress a small locking lever and the blade will fold back into the handle.If you want to know more about this, check out Hunting forums. Personally the lock blade and folding blade knives is the safest knife to carry if worn on your belt. These knives are generally smaller in size and will fit neatly into a pocket or a small belt sheath. Folding knives are great for everyday use as well, but because of their smaller size, may not be the best choice for larger game or survival techniques. Fixed blade knives do not have the hinge to fold them, so they are considered a stronger knife that can be used under more stressful conditions. The blade is made from a solid piece of metal that extends into the handle. The fixed blade knife is always in the open position. The best quality fixed blade knives are constructed using a full tang. This means that from the tip of the blade to the butt end of the handle it is solid metal. The handle is than attached to both sides of the blade and usually riveted to the tang. Fixed blade knives are carried in a sheath on the belt, leg or boot. Which sheath works the best for you will depend on the specific type of game you are hunting, and the type of clothing worn. Fixed blade knives are almost always the best choice for hunting larger game and deep woods camping. Type of Blade There are also several types of blade styles to choose from. The clip point blade and the drop point blade are the most popular for the hunter. The clip point blade has a more traditional work knife design with the top of the blade only curving near the end of the blade. This blade style is great for the tedious task of caping out that trophy head. The blade is more pointed to get into smaller more confined areas, but not the best choice for the bulk skinning of a larger animal. The drop point blade is the perfect choice for bulk skinning. Along the top edge of the blade there is a long sweeping curve to lower the point more to the center of the blade. This style keeps the user from cutting the hide or something else on the animal and is a great selection to carry in the field on your hunting trip. Another popular blade styles is a gut hook.  For more info, visit this webpage

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