Boracay island The most famous of all Philippine islands certainly is Boracay island. However Boracay no longer is among the most beautiful islands due to over population, excessive constructions and pollution killing the island from its core slowly but surely. The true nature lover finds many jewels in the Philippines. Some of the island visited only by few but with all the infrastructure to accommodate visitors at least reasonably low numbers of guests are Mindoro island with high mountains and nearly untouched island center almost impossible to access except by walking. Mindoro island Mindoro island with the highest mountain at 2500+ mtrs above sea level with most of the mountains jungle covered is an ideal back packer and nature lover destination. Crystal clear drinking quality rivers and water falls around the island add to the nature beauty. Most of the island is without roads. The only roads, part bumpy dirt road, part cemented, are along the coast line from Puerto Galera to Calapan and beyond. To explore and enjoy the inner beauty of Mindoro, most of the traveling is done by motor bike or walking. Typical arrival port on Mindoro island is Puerto Galera or Sabang Beach, Both with multiple daily ferry boats from Batangas. Accommodation on the island either is in small hotels or private cottages.

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Calamianes islands - Palawan Another special destination is Palawan island. Specially the group of the small islands called Calamianes islands near Coron island. The Calamianes islands are some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines in regard to water clarity and purity of white beaches. A geologically young island group with only limited vegetation but a very unique island topography make this island group certainly a very special destination for a quiet nature vacation or honeymoon if you love to spend lots of time on quiet beach or clean warm ocean. The Calamianes islands have small cottages or resorts to stay. Of course there is no public electricity on the small islands. Typically one island has one small resort of a very few cottages. No village, no engines, no roads, just beautiful nature and peaceful quietness to enjoy your vacation away from job and industry. Some of the islands are privately owned and for rent on daily basis. Many of the islands have no resorts, just small fisher communities. Transport from island to island is by boat. You have to hire or own your own boat. From Busuanga to the nearest Calamianes islands, it takes about 2 hours by local boat in calm sea. During rough sea there is no transportation and you are stuck on an island in paradise until the sun shines again. Palawan island - El Nido Another very beautiful destination in the Philippines is Palawan main island. That is the part south of Busuanga and the Calamianes islands. A small village far from Puerto Princessa and thus quiet and beautiful for nature lovers is El Nido on the West side of the island. A small village all within walking distance like a large family village. Beautiful nature within walking of motor bike distance with waterfalls and jungle like dense vegetation. For ocean lovers, right off the coast of El Nido is a small group of rocky islands with palms, dense jungle like vegetation and small beautiful beaches inviting for day trips snorkeling or exploring tropical islands. Siargao island A last secret destination spot is the beautiful island Siargao with its many small tropical islands within boating range. With a direct coast line toward the deep Pacific Ocean the island offers beautiful tropical vegetation between small farmer communities and fisher villages. Cloud 9 is a famous surfing wave near General Luna. Beautiful beaches and quiet island life again are a paradise for nature lovers. Siargao island again remains beautiful because it is most difficult to access by air plane or ferry boat. During rainy season half or more of the flights might get canceled and the large ferry boats grounded until Taifun warning over. Hence arrival or departure may be delayed up to a week. The island is well worth all the difficulties in arriving or leaving. Just plan ahead of time, watch weather forecast and choose dry season rather than rainy season. There are of course many more most beautiful locations on the island. However some of the truly most romantic or idyllic places offer no tourist accommodation and the only method to get access to such remote beautiful island locations would be by personal invitation. The above mentioned destinations all are for nature lovers and all a.m. islands have descent accommodation for visitors as well as official transportation to the islands and back to a main island. Siargao island, Mindoro island and Palawan all have mobile connectivity for phone and Internet and are suitable for authors or people ready to work at home in the beauty and quietness of a tropical nature paradise. About the author: Hans Neukomm is a born farmer son, creator and publisher of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love. Enjoy inspiring pictures from the beautiful islands from the Philippines and a Philippines Travel Guide to Paradise to prepare for your return home to God on a path of love.  For more info, visit this amazing site

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