Lighting is what you will use in order to set the mood and to help your guests to really -˜let go'. If there is a bright light on then they won't likely feel like dancing. Instead then turn off your main lights and invest in some other lighting for your room. Getting LED lights is a great way to do this and these can provide just the right kind of lighting to set a party mood. For instance you can invest in LED colour changing lights which will gradually alter their colour and will really make you feel like you're at a party. If you want to know more, take a look at Party Room Baton Rouge . LED colour changing lights are relatively cheap to run and won't get hot which makes them safe and practical to use in the living room. As well as LED colour changing lights you can also utilize LED trips which are stings of LED lights of all colours. You can then drape these over your doors and on your cupboards and cabinets in order to dress them up in exciting lighting and this is a perfect way to draw the eye to certain things and to give your whole room a kind of glow that you expect at parties. You can also use LED lights in more creative ways, for instance by putting them behind a fish tank or in a body of water in order to make the ripples of the water refract the light to make a kind of dancing light throughout the whole room. Other things you can also invest in in order to set the mood are things like lava lamps and plasma globes as well as a strobe light - all this will really help people to feel the music and get in the mood. Meanwhile why not add to your rooms with some decoration. If you have a themed party then this is perfect for you to add things like sci-fi models around the room, or posters of 80s rock stars (guess the themes here-¦). You can also meanwhile set the mood in other ways - by for instance setting the TV up with your computer in order to play a slide show of pictures of the guests - great for a laugh; or by using it to show some kind of ambient background video to set the mood.  For more info, visit this link

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